Condensing the pick face and rotating your stock
Flow Shelving (Carton Live Storage) systems offer many benefits over static shelving including automatic stock rotation and improved picking productivity.

By condensing the pick face and reducing the distance order pickers need to walk when assembling orders, Flow Shelving helps you save space and time.

Cartons are stored on inclined tracks with rollers. When a carton is removed, the carton immediately behind it gently rolls into position at the front, ensuring automatic stock rotation and the constant availability of stock for picking.

Flow Shelving is most frequently used to store fast-moving products that are picked as split cases. It is commonly combined to further speed picking and packing operations.

Flow Shelving can be adapted to a wide range of storage designs using light-duty frames with pallets stored above.

Why EURO STORAGES FLow shelving?

Designed by Euro Storages leading Viet Nam structural engineers, Euro Storages Racking is designed to ensure safety, integrity, and compliance, meeting rigorous international structural standards – and exceeding EU standards.

Our range of uprights, beams, frames, and connectors are made from guaranteed, high-quality, high-tensile steel. Smart section design including strengthening ribs and reinforcing flanges ensure outstanding safety.

Euro Storages invests continuously in product development for reliable racking components. Better products ensure years of outstanding performance.

The Flow Shelving (Carton Live Storage) includes:

  • Variable number of roller tracks depending on product type and weight
  • Optional tilt-shelf for ergonomic picking and better OH&S
  • Micro-step connectors for precise adjustment of incline
  • Rack uprights in a range of widths, depths, and thicknesses
  • A versatile range of beam sections and lengths
  • The unique diamond-slot profile which provides a stronger and more efficient interlock between upright and beam
  • Strong frame bracing
  • A range of rack protection accessories for both the system and improved OH&S.